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M Abed / 09 Aug 2017

# Items Specification
1 Name OxydaFort
2 Description is a beige-whitish, fine powder. It is a unique, completely safe and healthy blend of exceptional antioxidants, each with a specific mode of action. Its purposes are dual. Firstly, stabilizing & preserving complete feeds, premixes and raw materials [e.g. activity of sensitive vitamins; fat(ty acids) ; pigments & bio-catalysts]. Secondly, reducing metabolic -and thermal stress inside the animal. These 2 combined have clearly proven that OxydaFort™ leads to increased profits.
3 Specifications Active ingredients (min. %):
Antioxidants 2.4% Propyl gallate (E310)
Preservatives 10% Citric Acid (E330)
Emulsifiers 9.6% Glycerol (E422)
Supporting anti-caking agents 42.5% Silicic acid precipitated and dried (E551a)
Pack density 0.36 - 0.56 g/cm3
Solubility not soluble in water
Neutral pH-range (5.5 - 6.5)
Moisture K.F < 10%
Minimal antioxidant content 22%
Granulometry min. 99% < 0.7 mm
4 MSDS Available on request
5 PACKAGING is packed in 20 kg net multi-layer paper bags with a strong, impermeable inner lining against moisture and oxidation.
6 PROPERTIES OxydaFort™ is an exceptional, heat-stable mixture of synergistic components. Its first component Ethoxyquin is one of the most efficient antioxidants existing, is lipo-soluble (fat & oil protection), and has a long-lasting activity. B.H.T. has an immediate and effective activity, but in a relatively short period. Propyl gallate has the same characteristics as Ethoxyquin, but also recovers and reinforces Ethoxyquin’s activity. It is semi-natural (safe for usage in human food) and because of its highest efficacy among all others, it is only needed in limited inclusion rates. Citric acid operates as a protecting chelate in the prevention of oxidative reactions by unstable free radicals (e.g. beta-oxidation in fats & oils). As such, OxydaFort™ yields an extended shelf life and a higher animal feed intake, by preventing quality losses (e.g. nutrient degradation) and rancidity (e.g. palatability & energy digestibility).

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